During our academic half-day program, our students can expect to receive a quality education, tailored to their individual needs, planned and delivered by experienced, highly skilled and enthusiastic teachers. Our positive and challenging teaching programs allow students to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to become confident learners. We incorporate iPads and interactive whiteboards in our lessons. Teachers are trained to work this technology successfully, producing high-level outcomes for students who are ready for the technological challenges of the future.

Our day is from 8:00 – 11:30 am with circle time where we practice our social skills and discuss our schedule (visual for all classrooms). We have daily Mathematics and English lessons where we cover a range of strands. Throughout the year we will teach number, measurement, geometry, and statistics as part of our math’s lessons and speaking and listening skills, reading and writing. Our science lessons will link to our monthly topics and over multiple areas of the curriculum, including art and technology. All of these fields have separate and unique ideas, but ultimately they all merge together into one big field of learning.

Our teachers plan hands-on activities and lessons to ensure maximum participation from all our students. We have monthly topics that are also incorporated across our curriculum and are coordinated with our weekly community excursions and incursions. Teaching the way students learn unlocks boundless opportunities, understanding, and appreciation for the unique capabilities within each child.