Many parents ask us ‘what curriculum do you use?’ The answer is whatever suits your child’s learning style best. Here at MAE, we offer all our students Individualised education plans (IEP’s) and follow different curriculums such as:

  • Clonlara, a program for families who want to craft an education on their own terms. Students and their families lake charge of their education.  Clonlara’s program does not have a preset curriculum.  Instead, students and their families have flexibility and freedom to choose how they learn so it fits them.  They are not locked into a specific textbook or online course.
  • K12, is a KHDA accredited, private online American curriculum for students in Kindergarten through to Grade 12.
  • ASDAN is a pioneering curriculum development organization and awarding body, offering programs and qualifications that explicitly grow skills for learning, skills for employment and skills for life.

IEP’s are written and implemented after several weeks of observation in the classroom environment, ensuring we fully understand the child or young person’s weaknesses, strengths and what teaching style and method works best: with the input of our full-time Head of Education, Special needs teacher and occupational therapist.

We use worldwide recognized assessment tools that are developed to monitor the progress of children who have fallen behind academically, have learning disabilities/delays or other barriers to learning.

The benchmarks are a set of achievable objectives or prerequisite skills that allow children with difficulties or delays to work towards more realistic meaningful goals and still make academic progress! In the case of the student relocating countries or moving to another school, these goals and benchmarks can be shared in a form of a report to share with the new supporting team.

We meet with parents to discuss the goals set in the IEP’s each term and then begin implementing the differentiated learning strategies in the classroom. We like to work as closely with parents as possible as we are strong believers in following the same structures and academic techniques at home to ensure consistency with learning- beneficial to the student.