For those students who are not quite ready to learn in our classrooms here at MAE, we offer a pre-classroom readiness program. This program is aimed to teach students how to access learning in a classroom setting by focusing largely on applied behavior analytic techniques. Students will undergo an individualized assessment after which an individualized treatment plan will be created to target specific skill repertoires. Students will be assigned a primary 1:1 therapist (RBT) who will spend a minimum of 10 hours a week with them, depending on the level of support agreed upon. Each student’s primary therapist will work with them on their individualized treatment plan to help them prepare for learning in a classroom environment. Each treatment plans will be uniquely tailored to teach skills where the students are currently falling behind. This could be academics, behavior management, attention span, communication or socialization. Students will attend some group activities within our classrooms as we aim to slowly integrate students into their pre-determined classrooms for maximal success. Once students have achieved a pre-set criterion, as per their individualized treatment plan, they will be fully integrated into our classrooms with their 1:1 therapist to achieve the maximal success in this transition then gradually fade the support. The length of time each student will remain in our pre-classroom readiness program will be determined during their initial assessment and the progress of each student.