The Vocational Program at MAE runs from 12.00 to 2.30pm and focuses on increasing independence of children and young adults in areas of daily living, including play, self-care, socialization and community participation. The program also provides training of underlying skills required for successful engagement in daily activities such as fine motor, visual motor, physical activity and gross motor skills. Weekly community trips target community access and participation skills teaching children how to use and interact in restaurants, stores, parks, events and other typical community activities.

Health and safety, home living skills as well as workplace and employment skills are an additional focus for adolescent students. Students learn about basic hygiene, self-management, basic financial management and home living skills such as meal preparation, cleaning and doing laundry – essential skills for independent living in adulthood.

The vocational program teaches skills through small groups led by our BCBA, with students assisted by registered behavior therapists for the training of individual skills. The vocational program also offers weekly group activities such as gardening, cooking, music, and handwriting. Students learn to interact socially, function within a group setting, problem-solving and improve peer relationships, by actively engaging in a supportive, developmentally appropriate and enriched environment.